Monday, 11 July 2016

My Fruit Tree Inventory.


For those of you interested, i did an inventory of my fruiting plants as of today - 94! 45 of which are Citrus. Its quite a collection for such a small property (500m2). As you may know, there is always room for one more tree friend, so it may still continue to grow! It is however getting more & more difficult to find a spot for new friends to go in. When these guys all get full size it will be a literal Food Forest which i really like the idea of. When planting, i have always tried to do so with the principles of Permaculture Food Forests in mind (though i have a mix of Fruits, Natives & other Tropicals). Tall Canopy Trees provide shelter from the harsh, drying summer sun to the smaller trees & shrubs. Then, with smaller yet bushes & ground covers to cover the ground to protect & prevent drying out of the soil. I haven't fully adopted Permaculture or Organic principles but i like the idea of both and like to adopt them as much as possible to try & be as ecologically responsible as i can. As far as cultivar choices go, i primarily choose based on fruits that are rare & unusual; that you won't usually see at the supermarket. Fruit such as Fingerlimes, Blood Orange, Yuzu, Kumquats and Figs. All which are exquisite and should be more popular but often don't travel or store well, or are just too unusual for the mainstream market.

6x Tahitian
2x Australian Fingerlime
2x Key Lime
1x Kusaie
1x Kaffir

1x Scarlett Burgess
1x Miho
1x Silverhill
1x Encore
1x Satsuma
1x Okitsu Wase
1x W. Murcott Afourer

3x Moro Blood Orange
1x Sanguinelli Blood Orange
1x Tarocco Blood Orange
2x Cara Cara
1x Cipo
1x Bergamot
1x Seville

1x Meyer
1x Eureka
1x Lemonade

1x Nagami
1x Indio Mandarinquat
1x Calamondin
1x Meiwa

1x Tangor Dweet
1x Tangor Ugli
1x Tangor Kiyomi
1x Tangelo Seminole

1x Grapefruit
1x Pomelo
2x Yuzu
1x Buddha Hand
1x Chinotto

1x Apollo
2x Golden Goose
1x Mammoth

1x Golden Queen
1x Pixzee
1x Bonanza
1x Black Boy

1x Pacific Rose
1x Initial

3x Black
1x Red Banana
1x Sweet Granadilla

2x Coffee
1x Banana
1x Nectarine
3x Avocado "Hass"
1x Plum "Black Doris"
1x Pear "Beurre Bosc"
1x Nashi Double Graft "Hosui" with "Nijiseiki"
3x Blueberrys
1x Cape Gooseberry
1x Gooseberry Invicta
1x Elderflower
1x Lemon Myrtle
1x Mulberry
1x Pomegranate "Wonderful"
1x Tropical Apricot (Dovyalis hebecarpa)
1x Fig
1x Blackcurrant
1x Redcurrant
1x Mountain PawPaw
1x Guava
2x Lemongrass
1x Chilean Guava

2x Red
2x "Bold Gold"

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  1. When you get a chance try a davidson plum, (Australian native species) makes great jam and so unusual as the bunches just pop out of the stem and fall to the ground when mature