Monday, 1 August 2016

Currently In Season: August

Well the Citrus season has been quite bountiful so far and i guess you would say we're heading into mid-late season fruits now. I went out today to pick an array of what is currently available right now in the garden.

I was most interested in a Moro Blood Orange that had fell off onto the ground. I was hoping to leave them on as long as possible to get some good colouration happening. But i still have two on the tree so its good to crack one open and check their progress. Here's a photo........

So as you can see the blood colouring is pretty unimpressive. This winter hasn't been very cold at all here so there hasn't been enough cold to colour it up. We really have had only one night that there's been a frost, so it looks like there may not be much colouring this year. I will leave the rest on the tree until the end of August and check them then.

As i just posted recently Tangors are ripe and ready for eating and are really delicious. They are currently my favourite citrus of the moment, if only they could be seedless.

Tahitian Limes are still available but they are all a little over-ripe at the moment and are turning yellow and dropping off the tree, but they still taste good.

Kusaie Limes are the same they're very ripe and dropping off the tree or getting munched on by something. 

Scarlett Burgess Mandarins are ripe and ready to eat and are holding well on the tree to eat as i need.


Cipo Weeping Oranges are ripe and ready to eat also but are still a little tart for my taste.

Meyer Lemons have been ripe and ready to eat for a while now (a month or so). They are holding well on the tree but some of the fruit are getting munched by some sort of burrowing insect.


Eureka Lemons look like they have just reached perfect ripeness this last week. They are quite large compared to the Meyers. I haven't used them yet as I'm having quite the glut of Lemons lately as my mum gave me a big bag of them so i'm keeping mine held on the tree for future use. I'll look forward to comparing flavour to the Meyers.


Buddhas Hands are almost over I've harvested most of them already but the one that is left looks like its been eating my mice or something-uh oh!

My Pomelo tree only has one fruit this year. It looks ready to eat but i'll leave it for a while to sweeten up hopefully.

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