Friday, 25 March 2016

Buddhas Hand.

Welcome to the blog! 
My first post is about one of my favourite Citrus plants - Buddha's Hand aka Citrus Medica Sarcodactylis. 
It is so gnarled and weird looking that i will always stop in to check up on the progress on the "hands". Currently they are all quite large (about 20cm long) but are still green. Once the cold weather of late autumn comes they will start to turn bright yellow when ripe, usually around the end of April. Last year i had only one fruit off the tree as he has only been in the ground coming up to 3 years. This year however there are over 8 fruit! What do you do with such a fruit? Well unfortunately unlike other citrus fruits, the Buddha's Hand fruit contains no pulp or juice. But it more than makes up for it with it's exquisite lemony fragrance that will actually scent the room. It's uses are mainly ornamental but you can use the zest in a variety of culinary ways. The best i've found so far is to make a Buddhacello which is a Limoncello made with the zest of the Buddha's Hand fruits.
Here's the link to my Buddhacello recipe.

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