Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Calamondin Season.

The Calamondin (Citrus madurensis) is an acid fruit that is most commonly grown in the Philippines.  It is believed to be a natural hybrid of a Kumquat & a Mandarin Orange. It is also sometimes called a Calamansi.  It is an unusual but beautiful tree, its form is upright & columnar, the leaves are small & dense giving the tree a fine textural appearance.  The fruits are small, round, & orange at full maturity ripening around May. The orange flesh is acidic, juicy, and contains a few seeds. Calamondin trees flower and set fruit intermittently throughout the year, adding to the decorative appeal of these trees.  Mine is a variegated form, with yellow & green marbled leaves and striped fruit ripening to faint orange. The fruit have a thin sweet mandarin flavoured skin and a tart sour-mandarin flavoured flesh. Culinary uses are mainly to add a citrus zing to drinks. Other uses are for citrus flavour in baking.

Calamondin Lemonade 

8 Calamondins
2 heaped tsp Caster Sugar
1 Cup Water

1. Muddle & squish all the Calamondins in a glass.
2. Add the Sugar.
3. Fill the glass with Water.
4. Stir well & strain into another glass.



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